Thursday, November 4, 2010

T's 1st class picture

Starting the collection...

T's 3rd Halloween!!!

This year was T's third Halloween and she dressed up as one of her favorite princesses: Cinderella! Unfortunately, October 31st was a cool night so she had to cover up, but she still got a lot of candy anyway. And isn't that what Halloween is really all about?

T went apple & pumpkin picking!!!

To get a taste of the fall, T got a chance to go to Yucaipa, CA and check out the farms where she got to go:

Apple picking!!!

Then she got to clean them...

smash them...

and turn them into fresh apple cider!!!

T then got to go out and pick and cut her own pumpkin!!!

It was a great time and will become a new Smith family tradition.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

T went to Chicago!

We had a whirlwind trip through the Windy City in October and had a great time visiting all the landmarks.

Like the Hershey store!

We had to celebrate with some hot chocolate.

And a trip to the top of the Sears tower...

with the whole family!

Also, the American Girl store!!!

And the Chicago Children's Museum. It was a very fun first trip.

T's going to pre-school!

This is T during her first day in September. Time flies. We just had her parent/teacher conference and she's coming along just great.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vegas, baby!

Hello everybody!!!

T had a fun weekend in Las Vegas as a flower girl. Mommy's friend, Stephanie, was getting married and T joined Steph's kids in the ceremony. Below is Ben, Mackenzie & Jack along with our T-bird testing their smiles out for pictures.

Then they got a little tired of smiling...

All this activity was just too much. This was T at the reception afterward:

Another fun weekend!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

T loved the Oscars...

Can't you tell?

She tolerated it, but enjoyed reading her new book Pinkalicious more. She did like seeing GG, Grandma, Papa, Aunt Toni and Uncle Randy. And all the pizza, of course.